My Future !


I left my job at thirty years old to pursue my dream of attaining a qualification and one day owning my own business.

As i grew up, i watched my father own and run his own business, he is very successful at it and has earned the respect of a lot of people.

I too want that, i want to own and manage my own IT business, i have already gained a Certificate in Small Business Management and along with a Diploma in Information Technology my dream is there for the taking.

I’ve always had a interest in computers and with the way technology is going, its the best career to get into, technology is the future !

I want to have a career in a field that makes me happy, i want to wake up in the morning and be happy i’m going to a job i like but most of all, i want to earn a good income to provide for my family. I want to give my children the same luxuries i had as a child thanks to my fathers hard work and dedication.


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