Stop…..Grammar Time !!!



We had our first class yesterday in Information Technology in Context and we learnt the all too important lesson of using the correct grammar and punctuation, and I must admit, it all makes perfect sense to me!

By simply adding in commas, full-stops, spaces, explanation marks etc and spelling the words correctly, it can make the real difference in enabling your readers to actually understand what your writing!

For example, read this sentence and tell me how much sense it makes, I have to dogs, one is called Tank the others name is Jimmy Jimmys favourite toy is a chew rope and Tanks favourite toy is a frisbee there favourite food is steak.

Now I understand you could have easily read that statement and also easily deciphered what it meant, however, using the correct punctuation would have made that statement easier to read and easier to understand.

I’ll use the correct punctuation now and you will notice the difference…. I have two dogs, one is called Tank, the others name is Jimmy, Jimmy’s favourite toy is a chew rope and Tanks favourite toy is a frisbee, their favourite food is steak.

In conclusion, I have learnt that using the correct spelling and the right punctuation is necessary in writing anything really and makes it easier for the receiver to decipher and respond.



One thought on “Stop…..Grammar Time !!!”

  1. Some good examples. please reference your graphics..
    Make sure you don’t use commas instead of full stops (for example the corrected sentence about the dogs needs a full stop)


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