My first go at hacking!

Picture retrieved from here 22/02/2016

CSA501, 13;00 pm, Monday 14th, I walk into class expecting the normal, dismantle this, assemble that,  then Neil our tutor informs us we will all be troubleshooting potentially broken PC desktops and running diagnosis programmes on them, Little did I know that in half an hour I would have a crack at hacking my first computer….sweet!!

We are all put in groups of two and told what to do, first step was to create a basic list of questions for a customer when receiving a desktop to fix/update/diagnose. Corbin and myself have been given the task of unlocking a desktop. Our client Neil has dropped us off us his desktop computer because his crazy ex-wife put a password he is unable to get past on it when she left him, poor Neil!

First Task

First task was to fill out the basic form Corbin and I had completed for ‘our’ fictional business name Machine Head PC Repairs and Custom Builds.


Machine Head

PC Repairs and Custom builds



Customer Detail

Name: Neil

Address: 454 West Willow


City: Nelson

Phone Numbers: 021 585271

Email Address:

Do you wish to receive Machine Heads Promotional Emails: Yes 

Make and Model: Old and Crap

Password Protected: No, Want a new password.

Purchase Date: 1953

Warranty Details: no

Serial Number: 124673846

Data Backup required: Yes

Personal/Business Machine: personal

Previous Repairs: Yes, Upgrade hard drive from 1 GB to ??  


Fault Description: None aware of

Activity at time of Fault/crash: No

Accessories Taken: Desktop

Preferred Payment Method: Cash


Second task

Corbin and myself had not done this before, so the first thing we did was google instructions on how to reset the log-in password for Windows 7, we came across this website and simply followed the instructions.

Here is a snapshot of those instructions we followed:

Windows Hack

Windows Hack 2

These instructions were retrieved from: on 22/03/2016


Corbin and myself had no issues with these instructions other than the keyboard we were using, a lot and I mean a lot of keys were missing and the ones that were there were not all responsive, so we simply plugged in another keyboard to use instead.

Overall it was a fun day in class and I learned something fun and simple, cant wait to have a crack at hacking NASA!….Might be a bit harder I think.








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