Past Lectures


No, Unfortunately this was not one of my classes.


Favourite Lectures So Far

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all our lectures so far in ITC501 however there have been a few that stood out over the others. Some lectures I have enjoyed for the knowledge I gained from them and some I have enjoyed for the content that was spoken about.

The three lectures I enjoyed the most would have to be The Treaty of Waitangi, Ethics and The Internet of Things. These three lectures I have enjoyed for different reasons. Ill explain the reason below.

The Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi lecture I found very interesting for a bunch of reasons. The main reason I enjoyed it is because I learned a lot about New Zealand’s history regarding the Maori wars. I’m a huge war fanatic, I’ve always enjoyed learning about the history of different wars, reading war biographies and watching documentaries. However, as my main interest in the many different wars around the world has been from world war two onwards, I knew little history regarding the New Zealand wars.

The content was delivered well and I learned a lot. It certainly opened my eyes about New Zealand’s history and I know from this point onwards I will have a more open mind when Waitangi day comes around.


I enjoyed the Ethics lecture a lot, in particular the lecturer. Simon Gutshclag was a fantastic lecturer and works in the IT industry for a company named New Zealand King Salmon. NZ King Salmon is a business that I have a lot of respect for and in the past I’ve built and repaired many of their salmon nets at my family’s business Motueka Nets, which is the main reason I enjoyed the lecture.

Simon delivered his lecture like he was a teacher and had the whole classes attention the whole time, he also gave us all valuable insight in what it is like to work in the IT level at a very high level.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things lecture was an interesting one. I certainly learned a lot about the ever evolving technology the world is developing and to be honest, the Internet of Things I found was both mind blowing and quite scary.

If you’ve never heard of the Internet of Things, I highly recommend you look it up or even read my blog about it, I guarantee it will blow your mind. The main reason I enjoyed the internet of Things lecture is purely because of the content, very interesting indeed.

The content was delivered well and the lecturer had the whole classes eyes glued to the front and he gave us great content that we all gained a lot from.


Going Forward

The Information technology sector is going to continually evolve and change, it always has and always will. Like my tutor Craig Nichol mentioned, it’s not a career you can take a break from and come back too easily.

Once I graduate, I plan to keep informed with up to date forums, TED expos, and keep in touch with students that I graduated with and any other means I learn about during my IT journey. I certainly don’t plan on having a long break from my career in the future, maybe a trip or two to the tropics with my wife to get away from our kids when they’re older to drink cocktails on the beach but definitely not for long periods of time.

I’m excited to what the future may bring in my IT career, that’s for sure.








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