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Everyone takes away something different !

And I thought I knew a lot about computers….Ha!!!

Well, when I contemplated leaving my old job fixing fishing nets and starting my career in the IT world, one argument I kept telling myself was “Its all good, you will do fine, you know lots about computers” Well I can sure as hell tell you now that after nearly completing the first semester at NMIT, I knew sweet bugger all about computers!

How am I going to stay connected?

Well, I know it’s early days at the moment in my IT career but I’m really leaning towards the web development side of things. It’s very challenging but I enjoy  a good challenge and seeing the final result of a built website I think will feel very rewarding.

I have been looking online for some decent sources of information and news about web development and I stumbled across some good sources. The first one that grabbed my attention was a website called

These sources of information I think will be of great value in my IT journey, in particular with web design and development which at this stage I plan to make my career choice.

Six Revisions

The first one that grabbed my attention was a website called Six Revisions. Six Revisions publishes web design tutorials, news, and articles and are also listed as the number one blog according to this website that a web developer should be following.


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Six Revisions is a web publication for web developers and web designers. We publish articles, guides, tutorials, news and other forms of content for people who design and build sites and apps.

Six Revisions is a web publication for web developers and web designers. They publish articles, guides, tutorials, news and other forms of content for people who design and build sites and apps.

Six Revisions was launched in 2008 by Jacob Gube.

Bannersnack design content marketing Jacob Gube

There is a lot of articles about Jacob Gube on the internet but some of the information that I came across really stood out.

Smashing Magazine is a popular website for web designers and developers and feature a tonne of article written by Jacob Gube. Here is a link to those articles :

I came across this really interesting interview with Jacob Gube:

Six Revisions also have a website dedicated to CSS reset stylesheets and can be found  here:

Jacob Gube constantly updates his twitter feed with great links and sources of information for web designers and developers:

Here is a great guest article featured on Six Revision’s website about the future of web development. The article was written by the InVision team.

Clark Wimberly is a Content Designer at InVision, makers of a popular design prototyping tool. He spends his days writing and creating design content (screencasts, UI kits and ebooks). Previously, he was a UX Designer and founded the online community Android and Me. Check out ClarkLab, his personal website. Connect with him on Twitter and GitHub.


Six Revisions can be “followed” by numerous methods.



Speckyboy is an online magazine for designers with its focus on sharing helpful resources, exploring new techniques, sharing useful tips, and inspiring you to achieve greatness in the world of web design and development.

Speckyboy can be followed in numerous ways:


The Speckyboy blog calls itself a design magazine. Paul Andrew – the publisher of Specky Bloy – not only focuses on design resources but also provides useful insights on the latest web technologies. Especially for front-end developers the blog is definitely a great source for staying up-to-date.

A great article about web design pitfalls as featured on Speckyboy’s website:

Paul Andrew

Paul is the founder and editor of Speckyboy Design Magazine. He has many years experience within the web design industry and a passion for the latest web technologies and design trends. He lives in the small town of Inverness in the north of Scotland. Follow him onTwitter, Facebook or Google+.

Here’s a great link to  profile information about Paul Andrew:


To summarise, I found quite a lot of sources of great information that no doubt will help me in my journey to become a great web designer or developer. I will continue to follow Jacob Gube and Speckyboy for up to date news along with continuing to look for more great sources of information on the latest news and trends in web development.








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