My Thoughts On Copyright

Copyright word cloud
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This week in ITC501, our guest tutor talked about Copyright. Well, it certainly got my brain working! To be honest, I’ve never really been the sort of guy that cares about Copyright, however, as I dive into this wonderful world of It, I know there will come a time where it will quite possibly mean everything to me, who knows, in the future I may develop the ‘next big thing’ in the IT world and I can certainly tell you, I’d be pissed if someone stole it.

Issues and Problems with Digital Copyright Today

As I said above, I’ve never really cared about Copyright in the past. From what I do know, I understand that its a real issue and it will become even more of an issue as the world wide web grows further and more people have better access to more content.

I think the biggest issue at this time and age is ease of access. I mean, think about it! If you want the newest System of a Down album and you don’t want to pay for it….simple, go online and torrent it. There, boom, all yours in as little as ten minutes without costing you a cent. The same can be said about movies, e-books, video games, TV shows, porn…..the list goes on and on. Its all online and at the fingertips of anyone that wants it without paying.

I believe Copyright is a great thing, it protects someone’s ideas, designs, inventions and inspires innovation, however, I also know that’s its a murky subject that in my opinion needs ‘fixing’. The reason I say it needs fixing is because of the cases we have all heard of people attaining massive court cases and debts over copyright infringements. I’m not saying people convicted of copyright infringements should get a slap on the hand, they still should be punished, but at the moment I think the punishments are too high. I mean, Jail time and huge debts for the rest of their life’s is a bit harsh in my opinion in particular when people have not intentionally breached those copyright infringements.

A Simple Solution

I’m afraid there is no solution, well, certainly not a simple one anyway! I do believe there is a need for a solution and the biggest obstacle as far as developing a solution goes is just about every country in the world needs to work together to solve this problem. What? You seriously think that’s possible? Well, it may be but let me put it into perspective like this.

The world has been at  ‘peace’ for a total of 268 years out of a recorded 3400 years, another words, 8% of recorded history.

That’s not a good number as far as world peace goes. We cant even stop killing each other or bombing one another yet, we need to come to an agreement regarding worldwide copyright law? Not likely in my opinion.

Why you may ask do we need to work together to solve this problem? Let me explain, here’s a simple example.

Netflix. I’m assuming you know what Netflix is, but for those that don’t, Its a streaming service that for a small for of about $12 a month lets you stream a tonne of TV shows, Documentary’s and Movies.  The interesting thing is, that different country’s have different content to stream because of Copyright laws.

Same with YouTube actually. I’m a huge fan of UFC (Cage Fighting), I can stream it live through the Fight Pass app for $10 a month, however I cant watch highlights on YouTube because of copyright laws in New Zealand.

Such examples are evidence that Copyright is a murky subject and there needs to be a solution to it. Maybe the solution is just a simple worldwide Copyright law that all country’s that it’s applied in agree on? What do you think ?

My Opinion of New Zealand and Copyright

New Zealand has a 3 Strikes system. It was established in 2011 and the intention of the law changes is to crack down on peer-to-peer file sharing.

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I believe the 3 Strikes  system New Zealand has established is a step in the right direction. This act in my opinion protects everyone, from the artist or producer all the way to the person who breached copyright infringements. The fact the person identified as someone breaching copyright infringements gets two warnings is a great factor, it not only identifies individuals or groups of people  who may constantly breach copyright laws, it actually protects someone that may have breached a copyright infringement on accident, I know of someone that this has happened to personally.

More information on New Zealand’s 3 Strikes law can be found at

Fair Trading

After evaluating the issues I’ve outlined above, I think its right to identify some company’s that do ‘copyright’ right.

Spotify. Spotify is a music streaming app. Customers subscribe for a small fee of about ten dollars a month and are able to stream just about any song or artist they want to, Spotify then pays the artists a small fee per stream. Spotify is also available for free, although customers will have less access and have to put up with ads.

Netflix. Much like Spotify, Netflix is a streaming app where customers can stream Movies, TV shows and Documentaries for a fee of about $12 a month. Netflix then make a small payment for every stream to the applicable producers, companies and owners of said content.










What is Real ?

(Video retrieved from here 10/04/16)

In the modern age where Technology is advancing at an astonishing rate, we really start to wonder what are the possibilities? Did you know 5 years ago, the general thought of people in the IT world was that the technology we have now would be available in roughly 20 years, that’s how much technology has evolved in the last 5 years, and its only evolving faster!

What is Real?

What is real? that’s a good question when it comes to the IT world. With the arrival of technology such as Microsoft Hololens, this question will become harder to answer in the future, before I explain, I recommend you watch the video below or  go and visit the Microsoft Hololens website to get a understanding of what technology I’m talking about.

(video retrieved from here 10/4/16)

After visiting the above link or watching the video, do you find yourself asking yourself ‘what is real’?

Its such a hard question to answer as people will always have their own opinion on what’s real, but to some context all of those answers are right. Some people will answer if they can see it, it’s real, well that’s right but in virtual reality are you seeing real objects? Some people answer if I can touch it it’s real, well that’s also right but when using the Microsoft Hololens, are the objects your touching real? See…its an extremely hard question to answer, and I’ve only lusted a few examples.

For me, the best way I can answer what is real is, if you experience it, it’s real.

Picture retrieved from here 10/04/16

Microsoft Hololens

Here are a look at what is in my opinion of both positive and negative aspects of Microsoft Hololens.


  • Gaming….oh imagine the awesomeness that could happen.
  • Learning, Why pay massive school fees when you can have your own personal teacher teaching you one on one….in your home.
  • Watching your favourite TV show, sports event of movies…..wherever you want.
  • The Hololens may be able to assist people that suffer from disabilities, these people can do things with the Hololens that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Productivity within such sectors in the IT industry, for example imagine how much a 3D designer could accomplish using an Hololens.


  • This ties into a positive I’ve listed but its a consequence of that positive. Learning, if people are using augmented reality in their schooling, what is to happen of the ‘real’ teacher’s job?
  • Teaching is just one of the many occupations I believe may be in jeopardy because of the Microsoft Hololens.
  • Socialising skills. This is already evident with the technology we have at the moment in my opinion. When I say socialising skills I mean socialising in ‘person’.
  • Having kids always makes me think of their future and personally I worry about the possibilities with things such as the Hololens. I’d much rather my children go and play outside than ‘bring’ outside inside.

Oculus Rift

Before I get started on the Oculus Rift, I suggest if you have no idea what it actually is you go and visit their website. Here’s a link

Now we have been asked if we believe the Oculus Rift would have a life outside gaming?

Personally I believe yes, the reason being is simply at this point of time in the Oculus Rift’s lifetime, its only the start and who knows how it will evolve. At it’s current state, it’s amazing and the sky is the limit.

I see a future where people will be able to visit popular tourist destinations from the comfort of their own home with technology such as the Oculus Rift. Now imagine how great that would be for someone who was unable to ever visit such places such as people suffering from disabilities.

The Sky is The Limit

As the title says, The sky is the Limit with the Technology and in particular the Microsoft Hololens. I truly believe the Hololens will change the world and it will affect everyone. I’m going to show you a awesome video of the Microsoft Hololens and I can guarantee you will be not only amazed at what it does, but it will open your imagination up on what are the possibilities with such technology!

Video Retrieved from

Now tell me…..are you not excited???



Information Technology and the Sea


Commercial fishing vessel named South Bay, Morro Bay, CA

Image sourced from here 25/03/2016

My Background

Let me start this off by telling you a bit about my history in regards to the sea, I come from a fishing background. Both my grandfathers were fishermen, my father was a fisherman, so naturally I became a fisherman. I was 17 years old straight out of school with no qualifications and I was not able to pursue my dream of joining the army or the police as I’m deaf in one ear. My family at that point owned a business name Donker Marine, a fishing company with two deep sea trawlers, I got a job on a vessel named the Recovery II.

At the same time, our family also owned a business named Motueka Nets, which is based in Port Nelson, Motueka Nets make and repair fishing trawls (nets) amongst other small projects, like safety nets for builders, supplying ropes, twines and netting to the general public and servicing the salmon nets located around the country.

When I was about 19 years old, I left the deep sea fishing industry and got a position at Motueka nets, I no longer work there as I’m currently studying for a Diploma in Information Technology, but I will always have an interest in the trawl industry because of the family business.

Information Technology in the Trawl Industry

In the trawl industry, information technology plays a huge role! The main piece of information technology that benefits the trawl industry is the software that has been developed to design the many different types of fishing trawls. In fact, the fishing industry in a whole would be a hell of a lot different nowadays without the evolution of information systems.

Theses information systems provide all the necessary information required by a large range of people specialising in different fields of work, these people include captains, fisheries business owners, Ministry of Fisheries officials and other government agencies.

The information attained from information systems in the fishing industry helps govern New Zealand’s eco system and lowers the risk of species becoming depleted. The information gained helps develop the quota system, which is a system that states how much fish a company can catch and what species its allowed to catch.

Examples of Information Systems on the fisheries industry

There are many, many different types of information systems in the fisheries industry ranging from systems for vessel management, Quota management, Trawl management, species management, seabed mapping, trawl design and trawl monitoring systems just to name a few.

Here are some examples of those information systems with the links to their websites.

  • Software such as Trawl Vision PRO available from which is used to design fishing trawls.
  • Notus Electronics is a world leader in net monitoring systems and offers products and services that are unmatched in the industry. Here’s a link to their website
  • Ocean Mapping software available from such businesses as Seabed Mapping International


Innovation in Information Systems for the Sea

As I said earlier, I will always have an interest in the fisheries industry because of the family business, Motueka Nets, and now that I’m going down the path of an Information technology professional, who knows what’s in store form me in the future, in particular when you combine both of those interests, there’s opportunity to maybe develop my own information system for the trawl industry or even the fisheries industry.

When our tutor gave us students the task of writing a blog about an area of IT and reflect on possible innovative ideas, or innovative ideas we are passionate about that are already in motion, I naturally thought of the fishing industry!

I currently don’t have an innovative idea for an information system myself in the fisheries industry, however I came across this not long ago and I personally think that it’s a winner.

This innovative product is called Dredgemaster.


Dredgemaster is the world’s first real time monitoring system for scallop dredges. Dredgemaster is a brand new product developed by Notus Electronics, and I believe it will revolutionise the way commercial dredging is performed.

DREDGEMASTER: The World First Wireless Monitoring System for Scallop Dredges
Notus Electronic Ltd. (Notus) has been supplying wireless sensors to the commercial fishing industry for 22 years. Notus has just released the Dredgemaster, a wireless sensor system for monitoring the warp length, pith angle and roll angle of a scallop dredge. The system was developed by working with scallop vessels in the US where increases of 22% were seen in catch rates.

The Dredgemaster consists of shipboard equipment (command unit and transducer) that communicate wirelessly to sensors mounted on the dredge.

(News extract retrieved from on 25/03/2016)

Dredgemaster system

Both images sourced from Notus Electronics

Dredgemaster System in play with the vessel

A link to the Drendemaster System website can be found here.

The reason I believe this system is the next big thing in scallop dredging is because leading up to this point of time, fishing vessels have been essentially dredging blind. Of course they know where the scallop bed is, but now with this system, it opens up so many capabilities that enables the vessel to really ‘see’ what their dredge is doing.

I also don’t believe there are any justifiable obstacles with the Dredgemaster, the only obstacle it may have in my opinion would be cost, generally these types of technology are very expensive but with the fishing industry, you have to spend money to make money and the share amount of time you would save with this product would save you thousands.

As far as my own personal views go with this product, I’m very passionate about the fishing industry as a whole, and any technology that makes the job more efficient is a winner in my books.

My first go at hacking!

Picture retrieved from here 22/02/2016

CSA501, 13;00 pm, Monday 14th, I walk into class expecting the normal, dismantle this, assemble that,  then Neil our tutor informs us we will all be troubleshooting potentially broken PC desktops and running diagnosis programmes on them, Little did I know that in half an hour I would have a crack at hacking my first computer….sweet!!

We are all put in groups of two and told what to do, first step was to create a basic list of questions for a customer when receiving a desktop to fix/update/diagnose. Corbin and myself have been given the task of unlocking a desktop. Our client Neil has dropped us off us his desktop computer because his crazy ex-wife put a password he is unable to get past on it when she left him, poor Neil!

First Task

First task was to fill out the basic form Corbin and I had completed for ‘our’ fictional business name Machine Head PC Repairs and Custom Builds.


Machine Head

PC Repairs and Custom builds



Customer Detail

Name: Neil

Address: 454 West Willow


City: Nelson

Phone Numbers: 021 585271

Email Address:

Do you wish to receive Machine Heads Promotional Emails: Yes 

Make and Model: Old and Crap

Password Protected: No, Want a new password.

Purchase Date: 1953

Warranty Details: no

Serial Number: 124673846

Data Backup required: Yes

Personal/Business Machine: personal

Previous Repairs: Yes, Upgrade hard drive from 1 GB to ??  


Fault Description: None aware of

Activity at time of Fault/crash: No

Accessories Taken: Desktop

Preferred Payment Method: Cash


Second task

Corbin and myself had not done this before, so the first thing we did was google instructions on how to reset the log-in password for Windows 7, we came across this website and simply followed the instructions.

Here is a snapshot of those instructions we followed:

Windows Hack

Windows Hack 2

These instructions were retrieved from: on 22/03/2016


Corbin and myself had no issues with these instructions other than the keyboard we were using, a lot and I mean a lot of keys were missing and the ones that were there were not all responsive, so we simply plugged in another keyboard to use instead.

Overall it was a fun day in class and I learned something fun and simple, cant wait to have a crack at hacking NASA!….Might be a bit harder I think.







Stop…..Grammar Time !!!



We had our first class yesterday in Information Technology in Context and we learnt the all too important lesson of using the correct grammar and punctuation, and I must admit, it all makes perfect sense to me!

By simply adding in commas, full-stops, spaces, explanation marks etc and spelling the words correctly, it can make the real difference in enabling your readers to actually understand what your writing!

For example, read this sentence and tell me how much sense it makes, I have to dogs, one is called Tank the others name is Jimmy Jimmys favourite toy is a chew rope and Tanks favourite toy is a frisbee there favourite food is steak.

Now I understand you could have easily read that statement and also easily deciphered what it meant, however, using the correct punctuation would have made that statement easier to read and easier to understand.

I’ll use the correct punctuation now and you will notice the difference…. I have two dogs, one is called Tank, the others name is Jimmy, Jimmy’s favourite toy is a chew rope and Tanks favourite toy is a frisbee, their favourite food is steak.

In conclusion, I have learnt that using the correct spelling and the right punctuation is necessary in writing anything really and makes it easier for the receiver to decipher and respond.


My Future !


I left my job at thirty years old to pursue my dream of attaining a qualification and one day owning my own business.

As i grew up, i watched my father own and run his own business, he is very successful at it and has earned the respect of a lot of people.

I too want that, i want to own and manage my own IT business, i have already gained a Certificate in Small Business Management and along with a Diploma in Information Technology my dream is there for the taking.

I’ve always had a interest in computers and with the way technology is going, its the best career to get into, technology is the future !

I want to have a career in a field that makes me happy, i want to wake up in the morning and be happy i’m going to a job i like but most of all, i want to earn a good income to provide for my family. I want to give my children the same luxuries i had as a child thanks to my fathers hard work and dedication.